LabTek second-gen ATV steering stabilizer handles abuse

Publish Date: 
Jun 15, 2014
By Bruce Steever

ANZA, Calif. - LabTek Off-Road announces its all-new F16 ATV Steering Stabilizers. After nearly four decades in the off-road community, and two decades in the powersports industry, LabTek said it saw a gap in the ATV market, and branched out to focus on other products.

LabTek’s first offering was an ATV “stick style” steering damper, to fulfill the need for a high-quality, low-cost ATV steering stabilizer. After a lot of time, thought, and talking with fellow enthusiasts, LabTek said it came to the conclusion that it needed to build its own version, which it launched in the form of the K9 ATV Stabilizer in May 2013.

Now, LabTek ups the ante with the new F16 Steering Stabilizer. Like the K9 models, the all-new F16 model line is made of 7075 aluminum and is engineered to withstand the abuse that an ATV racer will dish out. Adjustment range is increased to 16 clicks to offer more fine-tuning as well, using progressive multi-stage damping and an internal reservoir system that claims to eliminate center damping slack.

The F16 series is back by a 90-day money-back guarantee from LabTek, is 100 percent rebuildable and retails for $165.95.