Land speed sidecar headed to National Motorcycle Museum

Publish Date: 
Apr 11, 2014

ANAMOSA, Iowa -- The record-setting land speed sidecar Shockwave is headed into retirement and will soon be on display at the National Motorcycle Museum.

The sidecar team of rider Larry Coleman, an American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Famer, and passenger Warren Ryan has set many AMA and SCTA land speed records since hitting the salt in 2003. The plans are for the sidecar to be on display in the museum's land speed racing exhibit.

The sidecar was designed and built by Bakker Motorsports, with the help of sponsors Barnett Tool & Engineering, Arai Helmets, Joker Machine, Hagon Shocks, Dyna Ignition, K&N, Kal Gard, Koso, Joe Rocket and Air Tech.

Posted by Vince Guerrieri