Las Vegas company secures patent for electric ATVs

Publish Date: 
Jul 13, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Xtreme Green Products said it has secured the rights to a provisional patent for electric hybrid versions of its ATV, UTV and other types of specialty light on/off road vehicles.

UPDATE: Xtreme Green Products will be at the 2014 Dealer Expo, Dec. 5-7 in Chicago. For more information, visit, or visit the company's website at

"We view this as a tremendous opportunity to expand into different markets and serve a wider range of clientele. Imagine limitless range, rapid charging in minutes and the ability to continue your journey without stopping for four-plus hours to charge," said Xtreme Green president Neil Roth. "The vehicles will have the capability of using propane, gas or diesel fuel. Primarily, this alleviates the number one fear users of electric vehicles have, which is that they will run "out of energy." 

The patent relates to electric hybrid light vehicles, such as ATVs or UTVs, that are configured to run solely using electric motors with the capability of rapid charging during use when the batteries get low. This patent includes a "Vehicle Management System." This system powers the vehicle on/off, protects the batteries, balances the charge, provides diagnostic information, and controls the drive system. Additionally, it relates to a rapid charging system in the 44 -144V range for lithium battery systems and can be used to provide 110V AC current in the field.

"Our specialty electric powered vehicles are comparable to gas/diesel fuel operated ATV and UTV's.  This new provisional patent allows us to offer an exclusive on electric hybrid vehicles that will dramatically increase our range," said Roth. 

Xtreme Green expects to have vehicles available for purchase by the fourth quarter of this year.

Posted by Holly Wagner