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Lincoln Electric has updated its Viking auto-darkening helmet line with two new series of helmets: the 1840 series with an 1.8-inch viewing area height in a compact DINS-sized lens cartridge, and the 2450 series with a 2.4-inch viewing area height in a U.S. standard 4.5”x5.25” lens cartridge. The 1840 has an externally controlled shade control for quick changes without helmet removal. The 2450 series has a protected internal shade control.

Variable sensitivity and variable delay allows the user to adjust the time required to bring the helmets from a darkened view back to the light state. Both helmets also include an integrated grind control, which fixes the lens shade at 3.5 inches to allow the user to wear the helmet as a grinding shield. Both series are solar- powered, with the 2450 series featuring replaceable batteries. The 1840 series is available in black or four graphic styles, including the new Amp Angel for female welders. The 2450 series also comes in black or four graphic styles, including the new Street Rod shown. Both the 1840 and 2450 black helmets include a decal sheet, allowing the user to customize their helmet with flags, logos or letter characters.

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