Lawmaker wants to challenge Maryland scooter helmet law

Publish Date: 
Nov 2, 2012

FREDERICK, Md. - A county commissioner is already trying to repeal the Maryland law that took effect Oct. 1 requiring scooter and moped riders to wear helmets.

"In Frederick County, we are an agricultural county, so we have a lot of farmers going from the farm to the field riding those scooters. If you're out working in the field all day, the last thing you want to do is put a one-inch piece of insulation on your head when it's 100 degrees and drive back to your farm," Frederick County Commissioner Billy Shreve told WHAG.

Shreve, who rides his own scooter to Winchester Hall, is proposing a county bill that would exempt county scooter or moped riders from having to wear a helmet.

"If you don't require helmets, more people will ride scooters, especially women," Shreve said. "Everyone's concerned with what their hair looks like. I can ride a scooter right now to a meeting without a helmet, and it looks like I just got out of my car. If I have to wear a helmet, you have helmet head."

The bill would have to get the green light from the Frederick County Delegation.

Posted by Holly Wagner