Leatt partners with USWE International to launch hydration systems


Leatt Corporation and USWE International AB, a developer and manufacturer of mobile hydration systems, have joined forces to release a line of hydration systems aimed at the Enduro, motocross and bicycle market.

LEATT by USWE will “combine neck braces and back protectors with hydration systems in a very flexible way to provide riders with hydration great options,” according to a news release. Products include the Brace Pack System (SP1 Fuelpack), which consists of a liquid pack that straps directly onto the neck support of the neck protection piece. It also includes a helmet hands-free kit, letting the rider drink without letting go of the handlebar. The 18-ounce capacity system fits all of Leatt-Brace’s brace models.

Also new is a Harness Pack System (H2 Fuelpack), which straps to a rider’s back tightly to prevent a “bumping tank,” Leatt says. An ergonomic-fit harness allows for free movement without impairing safety and comfort. The H2 Fuelpack is available in 85-ounce sizes, with either a full-length hose kit or a helmet hands-free kit.

Contact: Leatt Corporation, 661-287-9258, www.leatt-brace.com

Posted by Cynthia Furey