Legends Motorcycle Emporium combines museum, shop, sales, art…and a barber

Publish Date: 
Jun 18, 2014

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – As destination dealerships go, this one is aiming high. The crowds that turned out Saturday for the grand opening of Legends Motorcycle Emporium were a crossover group: some were there for the motorcycles, others for the art gallery.

Owner Rick Salisbury moved from a facility on Springville’s Main Street after a year renovating a former car dealership for his museum, custom shop and gallery. The facility also houses an old-school barber shop and he has plans to add a restaurant.

 “We were at our old building since 1999,” Salisbury told the Herald Extra. “This new location has more space for our shop and to show my collection… I started in 1979 with a FL Harley. That was the first bike I bought, but I have more than 100 bikes now. I needed a place big enough to have them all in one place.”

Salisbury’s collection includes a 1910 Yale and a 1906 Indian. The public is invited to come into Legends to view the collection and visit the free museum upstairs.

Salisbury is also an avid art and sculpture collector, and designed an art gallery to display them in the new building.

“I have been collecting paintings by David Uhl from Colorado, Scott Jacobs, Tom Fritz and Jeff Decker from here in Springville," Salisbury said. "Jeff’s sculpture in front of our building is one of only two in the world.”

Decker unveiled his sculpture of a rider on a 1930 DAH Harley-Davidson Hill Climber cycle at the grand opening. It is an artist’s copy of the original, which is at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. The 16 ft. tall bronze, titled "By the Horns," took more than a year and a half to complete.

Legends started as a shop for customizing and repairing motorcycles, and the expanded shop will offer those same services to customers. The business will also have bikes for sale.

Plans call for completing a restaurant on the south side of the building in time for the cannonball race in September. 

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