Legends Sliding Tour Pack suits Harley touring motorcycles

Publish Date: 
Jun 2, 2011
By Bruce Steever

Legends Motorcycle sees a unique niche and builds a clever product to fill it with the Sliding Tour Pack.

Designed to fit most Harley-Davidson touring models from 1999 to the present, the STP adjusts from the traditional rear trunk mounting point supporting a passenger to a position directly behind a single rider, converting the motorcycle between a solo machine and a two-up tourer instantly.

Besides the obvious mounting hardware, the STP also includes the Legends three-piece custom seat, complete with adjustable lumbar support for the rider. Because of the adjustable position of the tour pack, additional space for a passenger is available compared to stock, as well.


The Sliding Tour Pack retails for $1,349 and Legends does not require a minimum stocking order to resell.