Lehman Trikes revs up production in South Dakota

Publish Date: 
Sep 10, 2012

SPEARFISH, S.D. - Lehman Trikes USA is now back in full operations, under new ownership, and fulfilling orders for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki conversions.

The Spearfish, S.D.-based trike company briefly ceased operations earlier this year while seeking new investors. In June, Champion Trikes, through its sister company Champion Investments Inc., purchased Lehman's assets and began a phased-in return to full production.

“We are very excited about the reestablishment of this exceptional company and have been working diligently and ambitiously for the past several months reinstating staff, vendors and production,” said Craig Arrojo, Champion's CEO.

The longtime trike company suspended operations in March, not long after the death of founder John Lehman, when a proposed sale of the company failed to attract investors. A combination of factors had led up to this decision, including the move by Harley-Davidson to sever ties with Lehman after the Motor Co. moved to start building its own production trike in 2008, the Tri-Glide.

The company reports that new product development is already underway. The company said it will remain at the Spearfish facilities.

Posted by Dennis Johnson

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