Lehman's 'Good Turn Trike' Becomes Dedicated Program

Lehman Trikes has announced an annual "Good Turn Trike" Program to let someone with a love for motorcycles keep riding despite physical and/or financial circumstances. The annual program will be initiated Dec. 1.

The "Good Turn Trike" idea originated in the mid-1990s when a lady called Lehman about her husband, Bob, and his love of motorcycles. Bob's leg amputation and deteriorating health made it impossible for Bob to do the one thing that he truly loved, ride. Lehman Trikes decided to install a conversion kit on Bob's bike including needed special equipment at no charge. Since that first "Good Turn Trike," Lehman Trikes has donated a number of stated, Lehman has decided to make the "Good Turn Trike" Program permanent.

"Good Turn Trike" Program details will be available through Lehman dealers Dec. 1. Lehman dealers and customers will submit names, circumstances and narratives regarding potential, eligible candidates by April 30 each year. Candidates will then go through a selection process by which an anonymous panel will choose the recipient. Plans call for a "Good Turn Trike" to be presented each November.

"We feel that it is our corporate responsibility to support the riding community, to give back to those who support Lehman, our partners, and our products," says Dan Patterson, president of Lehman Trikes, USA. "Putting riders back on the road and making their lives more enjoyable is important to the Lehman family. Thus, it is both a pleasure, as well as a privilege to make the 'Good Turn Trike' Program known to the public."