LeMans NVP: New Icon display program creates 'destination shops'


MADISON, Wis. — Icon Motosports has a new retail fixturing program that allows dealers to expand their in-store selection with style.

“The new displays are designed to showcase our products in your dealership’s predefined categories or within an Icon destination shop,” states the program’s catalog, a PDF of which you can download by clicking here. “Our new displays will also allow you to cross-merchandise a single fixture located in a high-traffic area of the store to stimulate impulse buys and build product awareness.”

Icon says the program is simple and easy: easy to order, easy to assemble, and easy to merchandise. The program features product-specific retail fixturing kits, full instruction sheets showing how to construct each display, and details on how to merchandise every fixture. In the catalog are examples of how to build onto displays and create an Icon destination within a store.

Every component in the program works together, allowing dealers to build quickly. Retailers have the flexibility to custom-build their product offering to suit their market and store format.

Every fixture uses metal for all load-bearing components. Icon says connected displays will remain stable under the weight of riding apparel, which “not only allows these fixtures to live a long life at retail, but is also a reflection of our product’s quality, craftsmanship and reliability.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine