LeMans NVP: POP materials abundant this year


MADISON, Wis. — After two days of LeMans’ annual National Vendor Presentation, the distributor’s reps have seen a good number of new products, though no one would be surprised to learn that number is down a bit. The selection of POP materials, on the other hand, seems to be wider than ever. Click here for information on Icon’s new displays program. Here’s a rundown of some of the other displays we’ve seen so far at the meeting (product coverage for many of these same companies is forthcoming).

Moose Racing has created its own “Performance Brake Center” with this slick-looking display.

RC Components says a wheel display it introduced last year is now working well in 22 dealerships. Dealers usually receive the display for free (freight included) by ordering three sets of qualifying wheels, but the company is lowering that requirement to two sets for two weeks in honor of the LeMans show. Dealers need not attend the show to participate. The display is equipped with castor wheels for mobility. It’s 24 inches wide and 76 inches high when a wheel is attached.

Scorpio is looking to unload a couple hundred of these lighted displays for its rLiNK security system. The display comes with brochures and stickers. Every dealer that buys a system during Sunday’s Showcase trade show will receive a system, so the company doesn’t expect them to last long. (Scorpio was also reminding reps of the online rLiNK demo at its website.)

Not really a display, but Wiseco does have a two-sided flier on heavy paper stock that neatly summarizes the company’s product range.

Saddlemen has two signs/displays. One shows its selection of products for cruisers. The other for sportbikes.

Cobra’s Camron Bussard said the packaging for the company's Three-Inch Slip-On Mufflers and Powerflo Air Intake act as built-in POP displays. “Everything a customer needs to know is on the box,” he said. “The quality of the packaging matches the quality of the brand.”