LeoVince to distribute BMC filters, Dion Device

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2012

RICHMOND, Calif. -  LeoVince USA announced that it will begin providing distribution services for "partner brands" BMC filters and DIon Device brake products.

This is the first time that LeoVince USA has expanded its brand offerings via a partnership program, said executive vice president Tim Calhoun. The first partner products are the Italian-built BMC filter line and the new Dion Device brake lever protector.

“We will now offer the widest and deepest selection of BMC products in the North American market. We will also immediately modify our Track-Pack value performance package to include our ignition, exhaust and now a BMC filter for one exceptional price,” Calhoun announced.

The Dion Device brake lever guard is designed to protect a motorcycle's front brake lever, especially when two riders come together on the racetrack. “The team at Dion Device is exceptional, and this device was designed for one single purpose: to save riders’ lives," Calhoun said. "The passion that Stephane Dion and his team have poured into this product’s design is evident. Our Red Bull RoadRace Factory team has been using this product all season, and they have been putting them to the test with exceptional results."

In the announcement Calhoun cautioned that LeoVince does not want to become a "large-box distributor shuffling commodity items. Rather, we feel there is a definitive void in the market for a company to offer a range of exceptional performance brands that are sold and serviced with expertise."

Press release posted by Mary Slepicka