LeoVince five-level dealer program offers displays, discounts

Publish Date: 
Jul 9, 2012

LEOVINCE USA is encouraging its dealers to join its Forza retailing program, an initiative that offers them such perks as reduced or free shipping, a new display (see image) and many other features.

The five-tier program has levels aimed at a variety of dealers. The programs include:

MiniForza5: This is designed for small dealers and has a minimum order of $500. Incentives include 5 percent off and free freight for the initial order, Dealer 1 pricing, a wall display and a feature on LeoVince USA's Forza dealer locator. It also includes 50 percent off any one LeoVince product.

MiniForza7: For a total order of $700, this level includes everything included in the MiniForza 5 program, in addition to 7 percent off the initial order.

MiniForza10: Dealers making a minimum order of $1,000 get 10 percent off the initial order and half off one LeoVince exhaust or product.

E-Forza Power Dealer: This option is aimed at dealers doing heavy ecommerce sales. It guarantees Dealer 2 pricing, enrollment in the Forza First program for advanced notice of overstock and discounts, 24-hour online customer center access for ordering, free freight, and preferred listing on the LeoVince USA dealer locator. In exchange, the dealer's site will also get a LeoVince banner ad that links to their LeoVince offerings and the company will be the top-billed exhaust manufacturer on the site. New or renewing Forza dealers will receive 50 percent off one LeoVince product.

Forza Power Dealer: The level with the most incentives. Dealers are required to display three exhaust systems and purchase another for employee use or a demo bike. It must also feature a LeoVince banner ad on its website and the company gets top billing among exhaust manufacturers.