LeoVince launches closeout website


LeoVince USA is launching a brand new website dedicated to closeout LeoVince products, with gear at standard prices starting at 35 percent off retail.

“In order to better manage the high volume of products at LeoVince USA and to provide the cleanest and deepest available inventory of our best-selling products, we are starting a new program to create a more coordinated decommissioning of our products,” says EVP Tim Calhoun.

Starting Dec. 1, LeoVince USA will publish and distribute the most current discontinued list (“DISCO”) with pricing to dealers. A new list will be published on the first of each month.

After the initial 30 days on the DISCO list, the previous month’s discontinued items will be relocated to the online outlet store www.leovincecloseouts.com, where the products will be listed for the public at a reduced price.

Once a product is listed on the site, LeoVince dealers may still buy it at a reduced margin for as long as the product is listed at www.leovincecloseouts.com (typically 60 days). As additional items are discontinued each month, a new list of DISCO items will be generated and the cycle will repeat.

During the first week of publication, the DISCO list will be available exclusively to Forza dealers in a program dubbed “Forza First!” These items will not be made available to the rest of the dealer network until after the first week of publication, at which time the discontinued list will be made available nationally to all qualified LeoVince dealers. Forza dealers always will have one month of unrestricted access to these discontinued items, and these products will be limited to product on hand.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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