LeoVince slip-on for R1200GS improves power across the rev range

Publish Date: 
Aug 5, 2013
By Bruce Steever

RICHMOND, Calif. - While sportbikes may be the bread and butter of most aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, popular bikes of all breeds have riders looking for the sound and performance a good pipe can unleash.

Few models are as popular as BMW’s ubiquitous GS. And with the unveiling of the new watercooled and significantly improved R1200GS for 2013, that probably won’t change anytime soon.

LeoVince has unveiled fitments of the LV One slip-on exhaust system (shown here mounted in the EU-certified trim). Designed and mounted to match the OEM styling, the LV One pipe for the 1200GS is claimed to improve power across the rev range and is certainly lighter than the stock unit.

An optional EVO II sound insert is available to quiet things down, but make no doubt that this is a full sports system designed for maximum power in a closed-course environment.

Despite the racy focus, the LV One comes with a two-year warranty and a long service interval of 30,000 miles for more riding and less repacking. The LV One retails for $479.