LeoVince to start distributing GPR Stabilizers in late March

Publish Date: 
Mar 1, 2013

RICHMOND, Calif. - LeoVince USA has announced that it will begin distributing GPR Stabilizers in late March.

GPR Stablizers are manufactured, assembled and tested at GPR's headquarters in San Diego.

“GPR has a history of quality, dependability and success in all levels of racing globally,” said Tim Calhoun, executive vice president of LeoVince USA. “Many of our top sponsored teams have been using GPR Stabilizers because they appreciate the quality and simplicity of the products. Those are aspects we look for when choosing what brands to distribute. We feel that GPR aligns well with our philosophy at LeoVince USA."

Hallmarks of GPR Stabilizers include light weight, small size, and easily adjustable settings, even with gloves on. The stabilizers are available for a wide variety of the most popular motorcycles on the street and track.

Press release posted by Mary Slepicka