LeoVince unveils slip-ons for the Grom

Publish Date: 
Aug 24, 2013
By Bruce Steever

RICHMOND, Calif. - Oh, Honda Grom, we haven’t even gotten a chance to ride you and we’re already in love. Whether we are waxing nostalgic about the old Honda Monkey Bike or simply enamored with the idea of a light, simple and stylish bike without an ounce of pretention, we think you’ll be a lot of fun.

And we imagine that, just like the Honda Ruckus, the customizers will have a blast with the Grom as soon as they get their hands on it. Yoshimura announced its RS 9 in late July, and now LeoVince has jumped in with both LV One and GP Corsa Racing slip-ons.

Starting at $199, the LeoVince pipes help extract an additional bit of horsepower and torque  from the 125cc Grom, but it’s probably safe to assume that most folks mounting an open exhaust on their Grom will be looking forward to the style and more vocal exhaust note. And as with the Ruckus, the Grom will give these folks an affordable platform to carve into the custom bike they envision.