LeoVince USA distributing Bridgestone racing tires

Publish Date: 
Apr 11, 2013

RICHMOND, Calif. - LeoVince USA  has added Bridgestone race tires to its product lineup.

The company said it is distributing the full line of Bridgestone race tires, which includes the Battlax DOT race, race slicks, supermoto tires and racing rain tires, to U.S. dealers. The LeoVince USA Performance Center is featuring the round rubber skins to its business of building and tuning race and track-day motorcycles.

The Bridgestone lineup includes the Battlax series. The Battlax R10 DOTs feature a three-dimensional tread pattern that reportedly offers increased grip under acceleration and braking. Its compound, construction and profile were designed for maximum grip and cornering performance.

The Battlax Slicks use technology developed from Bridgestone’s MotoGP spec tire program to reportedly deliver improved handling and warm-up performance. The company’s Battlax Supermoto is a full-wet rain tire that’s available for everything from 125GP bikes on up.

Posted by Dennis Johnson