LeoVinceUSA president Calhoun launches brand management company

Publish Date: 
May 5, 2014

RICHMOND, Calif. - LeoVince USA president and CEO Tim Calhoun has created a new business venture, SpeedMob, Inc., to specialize in managing premium brands for the powersports, automotive and bicycle sectors.

“SpeedMob will be a forward-facing company that will deal directly with dealers, racers and consumers to offer unprecedented communication, support and enthusiasm for the brands we represent. We intend to create a company that embraces input, learns from feedback and strives to foster an active and continuous conversation with all of our customer,” Calhoun said. “Our goal is to create an attentive and responsive company that can react quickly to the fast changing trends and market shifts. It is a new active approach to integrate our brands and their range of products at the most human level.”

SpeedMob hired Acorn Woods Communications as its agency of record and is evaluating new ways to approach opportunities.

“We began our strategizing at the business-to-business and business-to-consumer models, and then the Acorn Woods team hit me with their new approach to the market: H2H, or human-to-human. I decided immediately that this was the approach I wanted to embrace,” Calhoun said. “The motivation is to remember that we are in the business of offering fun and exciting products that promote our customers' passion and enhance performance. We want to begin with a conversation, speak openly and more importantly listen with the intent of learning how to best manage our brands to fit the wants, needs and expectations of the enthusiasts that become brand ambassadors for these amazing products.” 

Posted by Holly Wagner