Liberty H-D of Rahway hosts Hot Rods and Harleys


Like a lot of veterans returning from Vietnam, Thomas McTamney bought a Harley when he got home in 1968. Then he started working at a New Jersey motorcycle shop.

A couple of years later he started his own shop, with the dream of his own Harley-Davidson franchise.

"I've never seen anything built better than a Harley," McTamney, who for the past 13 years has owned Liberty Harley-Davidson in Rahway, told the Courier News.

He rides his own Harley, kitted out with a sidecar for his grandchildren. "People stop and talk to you," he says. "Nothing is as cool to a 15-year-old than a guy on a motorcycle. I'm 65, and I'm still that cool guy. I wouldn't want to do anything else than sell and ride Harley- Davidsons."

Liberty has customers in their 70s and 80s who still ride, he says, including one man whou bought his “first and last motorcycle” a decade ago.

"Last year, we sold him his ninth last one," says McTamney, adding the customer is now 80 years old. "He goes riding and feels better."

"It is a lot of fun to go out on a weekend and hang out with Harley people," says McTamney, whose dealership helps sponsor Rahway's Hot Rods and Harleys.

The annual event from noon to to 6 p.m. May 15 mixes classic and antique cars with motorcycles. About 400 cars and 100 motorcycles, all custom built, will be on show.

Posted by Holly Wagner