Life goes on: From baggers to blessed events

Publish Date: 
Apr 17, 2014
By Rick Fairless

On a brighter note, at Daytona Bike Week, I unveiled a 2014 Victory Vegas 8 Ball that I customized for Allstate Motorcycle Insurance. We did lots of cool custom stuff to it and Allstate is giving it away. It will travel the country with the Allstate motorcycle tour. People can enter the raffle by going to

Hey Grandma, do y’all have computers up there in Heaven? If you do, do you know how to work one? If you don’t, then ask a teenager. Anyway, whoever wins this awesome Rick Fairless Custom Victory Vegas 8-Ball also gets an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Strokers Dallas. I will give them a personal tour of my “empire” and consult with them on a custom paint job, which we’ll do courtesy of Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.

Things are good here at Strokers Dallas, and we have lots of stuff going on. Baggers are still the hot ticket, but I am starting to see some cracks in that trend.

I shake my ugly head when I see all these so-called custom shops that focus their total business around customizing big wheel baggers. That is a HUGE mistake and they will find that out the hard way.

Just look at the old Discovery Channel Biker Build Off shows we did 10 years ago. Those shops that were only building choppers, well, where are they now? I’ll tell you where, they’re AMF and SOL. They’re goners. I guarantee you that the chopper scene 10 years ago was much bigger than the big wheel, custom bagger fad is today.

Grandpa, you know that every trend comes to an end and the current big wheel bagger trend will too. Nothing is forever. So these one-trick pony shops that focus their total business around big wheel baggers better start looking around for another circus, because I believe this current circus will be blowing town in the next few years!

So anyway, I’ll talk to y’all again soon. If you see God will you please ask Him, or Her, to please smile on us poor slobs here on earth in the motorcycle industry. We don’t have to make a lot of money, just enough to be happy and maybe take Grandma and the grandkids out to eat every month or two in an old pickup truck.

I love y’all,