Lightspeed dealers who use CEM retain more customers than those who don't, says ADP

Publish Date: 
Mar 14, 2012

ADP Lightspeed claims that dealers who use the company’s Customer Experience Management system retain 18 percent more customers than Lightspeed users who don’t use the system.

Hal Ethington, senior analyst at ADP Lightspeed, tracked more than 300,000 unit purchases from more than 800 dealers in 2010. These purchases were then tracked through 2011 to see if customers returned to buy from the parts and service departments.

The results show that Lightspeed CEM users had a 15 percent increase in repeat service customers, a 20 percent in repeat parts customers, and a combined increased rate of 18 percent when compared with the retention rates experienced by Lightspeed dealers who didn’t use CEM.

“A 15 percent increase in customer returns to service, and a 20 percent increase in customer returns to parts is huge for any dealer,” Ethington said. “Customers vote with their feet. And this study shows that they welcome an invitation to return.”

Of the dealers studied, 191 used a CEM system; 660 did not. The CEM users’ customer retention increases translated into average sales increases of more than $10,000 per year per dealership, taking into account both service and parts.

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ADP Lightspeed press release posted by Arlo Redwine

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