Lightspeed-LeoVince promo offers discounts in August

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2012

RICHMOND, Calif. -  During August, Lightspeed dealers who subscribe to the LeoVince price book will receive one LeoVince product at 50 percent off MSRP. LeoVince also will credit $120 to the next purchase order (restrictions apply) for dealers who subscribe to the company's price book.

Lightspeed dealers already receiving the LeoVince price book are eligible to participate, according to LeoVince USA executive vice president Tim Calhoun.

“We have been working with the team at Lightspeed to integrate our system to deliver timely information to our dealers who utilize this business management platform,” Calhoun said in the announcement. “We constantly strive to make it easy to do business with LeoVince USA and this is an important step towards improving our delivery of information and improving our service level for the ADP Lightspeed dealer network.”

ADP Lightspeed integrated the LeoVince warehouse availability in the parts locator of its Lightspeed NXT DMS.

“We are extremely proud to be working with LeoVince on this program.” said Dave Johnson, who works in manufacturer solutions and consulting for ADP Lightspeed. “This partnership is a great example of what we can do working together with the dealer and consumer in mind.”

Interested dealers are asked to contact ADP Lightspeed sales at 800-521-0309.

Press release posted by Mary Slepicka