LightspeedNXT to integrate with Internet phone service for customer IDing during calls


LightspeedNXT users will soon be able to answer their phones more efficiently through an upcoming integration with an ADP service that allows phone calls over the Internet.

ADP Network Phone uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to offer phone service that will interact with the dealer management system. So when a customer calls into a dealership, LightspeedNXT’s interface with ADP Network Phone will automatically pull all open and past Parts, Service and Sales activities related to the customer. The information will be displayed before the call is even answered. This feature will allow anyone within the dealership to provide more personalized customer service.

ADP Lightspeed notes that this system will be less frustrating for customers, who are often transferred throughout the dealership to locate the person with whom they last spoke, forcing them to wait on hold or explain their needs multiple times.

“LightspeedNXT’s ADP Network Phone interface represents the biggest innovation in customer service and data for the powersports industry ever,” said Greg Smith, vice president of ADP Lightspeed. “It completely changes the way the dealership serves their customers. Instead of employees having to run down information, everyone in the dealership can know exactly what is happening with the customers’ orders, improving customer service and efficiency.”

ADP Network Phone offers full VOIP features such as click-to-call, flexible setups and improved call tracking at monthly prices comparable or even less than traditional phone service, according to the company. The LightspeedNXT ADP Network Phone will be available for installation later this winter with version 3.9.4 of the DMS software.

ADP Lightspeed will be conducting national webinars Dec. 7 and 8 to demonstrate the LightspeedNXT ADP Network Phone features. To register for the Dec. 7 webinar, visit To register for the Dec. 8 webinar, visit

Posted by Arlo Redwine