Liquidation begins at Walt Healy Motorsports

Publish Date: 
Oct 24, 2013

CALGARY, Alb. - Local powersports institution Walt Healy Motorsports is selling out inventory in preparation to close next spring after 83 years in business.

Sheldon Koenigbaur, one of the group of owners who bought the store 10 years ago, said it never really recovered from the recession, in part because, he said, Japanese OEMS Yamaha and Suzuki have focused on overseas markets.

“When the recession hit they really turned their back on North America,” he told the Calgary Herald. “They’re a big global company. They’re still making piles of money but they’re making it in other parts of the world – China, India. Everywhere else. They haven’t come out with a whole lot of new products and our competitors have since the recession hit.” Multiline dealers with more diverse lines and products have fared better, he said.

The store will be close its doors permanently March 31, 2014. Meanwhile, the store is liquidating its inventory, which includes about $1.5 million in parts and accessories as well as 30 to 35 motorcycles. Dealers are welcome to buy, Koenigbaur said.

The liquidation includes motorcycles, ATVs, power product, hard parts, accessories, shop equipment, tire changers, drill press, Sunnen Honing Machine, lathe, welders, Yamaha and Suzuki Special tools, motorcycle/ATV lifts, racking, fork lifts, motorcycle dyno, trade show display, office equipment and furniture, phone system, computers.

“Essentially, you know what, we just haven’t been making any money since the recession hit,” Koenigbaur said. “Of course, we’re in the leisure product world selling motorcycles. So we expected that we were going to have a couple of rough years, but unfortunately it’s just never really bounced back.”

Posted by Holly Wagner