Location-Based Website Personalization Aids Foreign Sales

Publish Date: 
Sep 23, 2009

GROWTH IN ONLINE commerce has powersports retailers catering to customers from outside the United States. Now, one company aims to help dealerships fight website abandonment by foreign customers and increase conversion through the offering of location-based website personalization.

What is "location-based website personalization"? In short, it's the ability for a website owner to mine information on who is visiting their page and to deliver content — a web page's appearance — that is personalized for each visitor.

Monetate, Inc., Conshohocken, Penn., offers a technology that tracks and segments a website's visitors across more than 50 areas then analyzes the site's performance to craft personalized messaging and promotional campaigns.

"Online retailers have long suspected that tuning their site's messaging according to the location of the visitor could deliver a big payoff, but until recently there was no quick and easy way to do this, which is precisely why we created Monetate," says Monetate co-founder David Bookspan.

"Retailers in both the Americas and the European Union are taking a serious look at the ability of location-based personalization to better target consumers, especially shoppers from other countries," adds David Brussin, Monetate CEO and co-founder.

According to Brussin, when tested against a control group, location-based content and messaging has "a strongly positive effect on the rate at which visitors convert to buyers, plus it can lift average order value (AOV) for many online shoppers, both domestically and internationally."

Brussin cites an American clothing retailer based in Pittsburgh who uses Monetate to greet visitors from foreign countries with location-based content about shipping. For example, shoppers from France see messages assuring them that the retailer ships to France.

"Even without translating these messages into local languages the retailer saw a huge jump in revenue from international traffic," Brussin says. When local language was used, not for the entire site but simply for the shipping message, revenue from foreign traffic doubled, as did the conversion rate. New customer acquisition from that segment rose 167 percent.

"Our customers are now achieving positive ROI very quickly, across a broad range of personalization campaigns," Bookspan says. "What we see with location-based merchandising is particularly exciting, offering tremendous opportunities to retailers who are looking to improve revenue with relatively little effort and expense when compared to the rewards, regardless of the country in which their business is based."

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—Submitted by Guido Ebert