Long Beach IMS: Suzuki Shows Off RMX450Z

Publish Date: 
Dec 4, 2009
By Arlo Redwine

CONSUMERS TODAY at the Long Beach, Calif., stop of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows got a first-hand look at Suzuki’s new flagship enduro, the RMX450Z. They also got to see the redesigned 250cc and 450cc motocross bikes.

Earlier in the day, the media was treated to an unveiling of the three bikes.

The RMZ250 receives fuel injection for 2010. “It also has a redesigned motor to increase top-end power and over-rev significantly,” Suzuki’s Steve Bortolomedi said. “Add in the all-new aluminum frame, redefined suspension, and you make an already sharp-handling RMZ250 even better.”

The 2010 RMZ450 (shown on the left) receives an updated power plant. Suzuki also stiffened up the frame and suspension, “putting the power to the ground more effectively without compromising our class-leading handling and control,” Bortolomedi said.

“So let’s lay it out,” he continued. “We have fuel injection, we have an awesome 450cc power plant, incredible handling, a bunch of trophies on our trophy shelf, so what we decided to do is take the RMZ450 and hit the trail.”

Bortolomedi then unveiled the fuel-injected RMX450Z. “We intend to carry Suzuki’s winning ways from the motocross track to the trail,” he said. “The new RMX450Z borrows the winning frame, motor and suspension from the championship RMZ450, providing tons of power and trail performance. Best of all, off-road enthusiasts will love the fuel injection. Any place, any altitude, the RMX450Z is ready to deliver. Just hit the electric start, and you go.”