Look Out Distributors — Here Comes Yamaha

For Yamaha’s new parts and accessories distribution arm, this Dealer Expo counts as something of a coming out party.

Launched at the OEM’s dealer meeting last year, Yamaha’s new biz already carries more than 20 vendors. Yamaha dealers are invited to visit the exclusive dealer comfort center (Indiana Convention Center, Booth 4711) to peruse the offerings, have a snack, browse the Web or catch a screening of today’s Daytona 500. Dealers can also take advantage of show-specific ordering programs, the details of which will be revealed to those who venture forth.

“At the largest aftermarket show in North America, we would be remiss to not show that we’re a big aftermarket distributor – not just of Yamaha parts, but of other manufacturers,” says Maurice “Mo” Murray, general manager of Yamaha’s parts and accessories business.

In addition to reaching out to dealers, the OEM is courting new aftermarket vendors. The company is also unveiling its Parts & Accessories Quarterly, a publication highlighting the latest in accessories and apparel, and featuring quarterly specials and sales tips.

Many of the vendors Yamaha carries supply the OEM with exclusive parts, including the blue T2 handlebars from Tag Metals that are used by James Stewart. There also exclusive parts from Graves Motorsports, Harris Performance, ITP wheels and tires for ATVs, Talon billet hubs and the Excel A60 wheel.

The P&A plan was born during the industry’s rough ride earlier this year when the company realized that it had the warehousing, sales force and dealer network to support a small distribution business.

Murray stresses that the company only stocks parts that have Yamaha applications or universal fitment and is being selective about which products it picks up.

– Dennis Johnson