Looking for an alternative vehicle brand? More than two dozen at Dealer Expo

Publish Date: 
Jan 29, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

TRIKES. ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. Go-karts. A stretched Ruckus-inspired scooter. Even two-wheelers for children — there will be a good variety at this year’s Vehicles Marketplace at Dealer Expo.

Here is information on just five of the more than two dozen exhibitors slated for the showcase.

High Rev Power of Carrollton, Texas, is a 6-year-old importer of ATVs, side-by-sides and go-karts made in China. Its vehicles include a 149.6cc go-kart retailing for $1,549, a 110cc go-kart retailing for $955, and a 150cc sport ATV (pictured) retailing for $1,259.

Ice Bear is a 6-year-old vehicle importer with California and Georgia warehouses and an R&D team in Japan. Manufacturing takes place in China.

According to an Ice Bear representative, the company’s “bread and butter” is its 50cc, 150cc and 300cc trikes for which it earned a U.S. utility patent.

Ice Bear also sells ATVs made by other manufacturers. A show-stopper at Dealer Expo will be a Yamaha Ruckus-inspired scooter featuring a lowered-and-stretched body, a wide rear racing tire, and a large exhaust. The model will come in flat black with the option of either a 50cc or 150cc engine.

Strider Sports International, maker of no-pedal balance bikes for toddlers, will be expanding its ridership this spring to kids ages 6 to 10 by offering the SS-1 Super Strider with 16-inch wheels (see photo). The model is for riders who want to learn to balance, venture off the trail, or even perform “stunts that a heavier, more complicated pedal bike won’t allow.”

Strider also will have the new ST-4 balance bike. Upgrades include sealed cartridge bearings, more comfortable handlebar grips, and improved tire tread. Dealers placing an initial order at the show will receive a free Dealer Display Package. (Continued)