Love Jugs promises cooler cruising for traditional H-D twins

Publish Date: 
Aug 13, 2014

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Most Harley-Davidson touring riders know how hot the air-cooled cylinders can get, especially in stop-and-go traffic, at rallies and during the summer riding season.

Love Jugs, which bills itself as the “World's Most Powerful Cooling System for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines,” has been created to reduce the operating temperature so enthusiasts could ride more often, take longer trips and better enjoy their riding experience. Lower operating temperatures mean less wear on the engine and lubricants as well.

Engine heat has been addressed in a variety of ways over the years, such as with adjustable air vents, heat deflectors, and various oil cooling systems that have little effect when they are needed most, at slow speeds. According to Love Jugs, even the measure of shutting down the rear cylinder to alleviate heat is of questionable benefit. Their solution, after hours of research and development and countless miles testing, is a pair of carefully positioned fans provide forced air cooling right where the engine needs it the most. The fan bodies are built from chromed stainless steel for durability and the entire system is weather- and water-proof.

Love Jugs sell for a complete kit that is designed to be easily installed, retailing for $399, but currently selling for a factory-authorized special pricing of $319 when ordered through the firm’s website.

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