Lube up with LAT’s new racing blends

Publish Date: 
Apr 26, 2013

LAT HAS ADDED a new line of semi-synthetic racing oil blends to their lineup lubricants, thread lockers, cleaners and grease.

According to the company, the new oils are formulated with a combination of the purest base oils, robust additive package and high shear polymere. The unique oils reportedly provide quicker, more positive ring seal and extreme engine protection. LAT also reports that, “independent tests have shown increases in horsepower, torque and RPM when compared to conventional oil but without the high cost of full synthetics.”

The oils can be used in street/hot rods, super street racing, sport compact high-performance engines, high RPM applications and turbocharged engines. Available in 20W50 and Pro 15W40. The Pro mix is a lighter weight for reported increases in horsepower and a more aggressive detergent package.

Posted by Dennis Johnson