Lunasee adds side lighting product options, POP materials

Publish Date: 
Oct 18, 2013
By Bruce Steever

GREENVILLE, N.C. - Lunasee Active Side Lighting is an innovative product that has to be seen to be believed.

The system is actually quite simple: a patented Light Emitting Rimtape (LERtape) is fixed to the wheel. A compact UV LED cluster “charges” the tapes as they rotate past the LED mount. During the day, the rim tape is nearly invisible, but after the sun goes down, a brilliant ring of phosphorescent illumination highlights each wheel for unmistakable visibility.

The whole system is compact and lightweight, but offers a unique visual boost to any motorcycle.

For the coming year, the existing ASL1000 complete kits ($199.95) are complemented by new Lunasee Pro 1000 ($159.95) and Lunasee 320 ($109.95) kits, which will give customers additional options in both LED style as well as flexibility in LERtape colors.

The company said more options are coming soon to join the standard green available now.

Lunasee has created clever POP materials that not only merchandize the ASL kits properly but also include a lightbox arrangement that spins a motorized sample LERtape setup to highlight, in real time, exactly how effective the system is. Whether customers are looking for style or safety, the system wows onlookers every time.