Lunasee tape gives wheels a nighttime glow

Publish Date: 
Jan 31, 2014

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Night riders who worry about visibility might want to solve the problem with a little Lunasee: the company offers LED wheel tape that makes rims glow in the dark.

How does LunaGLO tape glow? As the wheels rotate, the “super phosphors” in the tape are constantly excited by four LEDpods (included in charging kits) mounted on the frame or forks of a motorcycle and targeted at the LunaGLO tape. On most road bikes, the LEDs are hidden away inside a fender or swing arm. The LunaGLO rim tape will reach its maximum charge within a few rotations of the wheel, creating rings of light without any wires or lights actually on or in the wheels.

Lunasee has expanded its wheel lighting product line for 2014 to give customers more choices, and plans to add more colors to the line. LED kits are now sold separately from the LunaGLO rim tape. The company also offers two versions of its LED charging kits.

For DIY installation, the company said it offers a LunaGLO tape applicator tool to make rim tape application easier and more precise.

Posted by Holly Wagner