M&S H-D Chili Cookoff Benefits MDA


M&S Harley Davidson of Chambersburg, Pa., has been holding charity chili cookoffs for several years, and the popular events keep growing.

The dealer added the Lava Bowl Challenge this year. Participants try to shovel down a pound of an M&S employee's chili in 10 minutes; the first to finish (or whoever gets furthest) wins.

"It's just to get people out of the winter blues," GM Darren Moats told the Public Opinion.

The contest drew between 18 and 20 entrants, who cooked at home and brought their wares to the dealership for judging. The six judges who are caterers or corporate chefs from the Chambersburg area.

Once they vote, other visitors can buy a cup and go around to each pot of chili and taste test. They cast their votes for which chili they think is the best and the winner is awarded the People's Choice Award. Moats estimates between 300 and 600 people usually come out to taste all of the chili.

Contestants win gift cards for their wins. First Place is good for $100, and People’s Choice wins $75.

This year, M&S is donating all the proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Posted by Holly Wagner