M2R enjoys racer publicity

Publish Date: 
Mar 1, 2004

CAMINO, Calif. - They're our best sellers, says M2R's Jeremy Gee. As well they should be, given who's wearing them.

Grant Langston is, as of press time, two points behind Damon Huffman (138 to 140) in the THQ World Supercross GP season standings and in eighth place in the AMA Supercross Series. Langston got off to a rough start, placing 20th in the first round at Anaheim, but has climbed up the rostrum since, earning a sixth and an eighth in San Diego and Anaheim, respectively.

His M2R-wearing counterpart, Travis Pastrana, won the freestyle competition at last summer's X-Games at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. His winning trick? An inverted, flat-spin 360.

Think customers might want to buy a helmet flying the colors of these two X-stars? Absolutely. With a suggested retail of $199.95 for helmets with graphics and only $50 more for the replicas, M2R stands firmly in the middle of the pricing spectrum.

The X-2 includes features such as removeable liners, rideflex interiors and flotec ventilation systems. The lids weigh 1,275 grams, meet or exceed DOT standards and are Snell M 2000-Certified. The shells are contructed using multiple inclusion technology.

Besides the Langston and Pastrana replicas, the graphic colors available are camo, black/green, black/yellow, white/red and white/blue/orange. The helmets are available in sizes XS-XXL.

Eddie Graveline of motopress.net summed up his evaluation of the original Revelation X by saying, "Leaving price out of the equation, I would rate the Revelation X as one of the top five helmets on the market. It is undoubtedly the best you can get in the $200 range. The fit and finish, comfort, practicality and light, light weight make it a can't-miss purchase. Plus, the Langston replica that I bought is so bright that it makes it really easy for my buddies to find me when I crash! Bonus."

For more information about M2R helmets, ask your Motorcycle Stuff or Parts Unlimited sales rep or get in touch with M2R directly.