Machine, fabrication shop caters to innovation


Antron Engineering & Machine Co. Inc. started as a machine shop in the Bellingham, Mass., basement of president Anthony Denietolis. He and VP John Kauker worked there for a while before moving to an old mill space nearby.

The 80-employee company occupies 20,000 square feet of space and is considering adding 10,000 more to accommodate its operations, which include machining crank covers for an unspecified aftermarket motorcycle parts company.

“Tony can design anything,” Kauker told Worcester Business Journal. “You aim for work that is complementary. In 1985, we were just a machine shop, but customers kept asking us, ‘Can you put this together?' then it was, ‘Can you put a circuit board in this, can you put a wiring harness in it?’ ”

Answering yes to that question keeps the company growing, filling its customers’ needs.

Companies get “stuck in their niche a lot of times. The easiest thing you can ask a buyer is ‘What are you having trouble with?’ ” Kauker says. “Literally, just ask the customer, and once you get one, it’s a no-brainer, that customer just says, ‘Ask Antron.’ ”

Posted by Holly Wagner