MAG acquires

Publish Date: 
Apr 2, 2012

Just days after purchasing Motorcycle Superstore, MAG announced, to no one's surprise, that it had also bought Superstore's media companion, joins forces with Cycle News to form MAG's new Media Group, much in the same way as Superstore last week aligned with MAG-owned J&P Cycles to form the holding company's new Retail Group.

Don Becklin, founder of, will head up the Media Group and Retail Group, and will report directly to MAG chief executive officer Brian Etter.

"Cycle News’ Paul Carruthers and MotoUSA’s Ken Hutchison will continue their editorial leadership positions at their respective publications. The two companies will continue as separate publications with dedicated editorial staffs, and will benefit by sharing operational, marketing and advertising resources," MAG announced.

Both media properties will operate out of MotoUSA’s office in Irvine, Calif.

 “Like many motorcycle enthusiasts, for decades I considered Cycle News the authoritative publication for the motorcycle industry,” said Becklin. “When I founded MotoUSA 16 years ago, I aimed to bring that level of professionalism and journalistic integrity to online media. There is a very complimentary relationship between these two publications that will deliver great value to both readers and advertisers.”

 “This is an incredible opportunity for both brands,” Carruthers said. “I look forward to working with the Cycle News editorial team, and with Don and Ken and their team to take both publications to the next level in what is an ever-changing editorial landscape. Our staffs will work well together to ensure that two already strong entities in the motorcycle industry only get stronger as we strive to provide even better motorcycle content to our readers in the future.”

Posted by Mary Slepicka