Maker of The Auto Moto three-wheeled scooter reveals a police version


The Auto Moto Corp., maker of The Auto Moto three-wheeled scooter, has released a version for law enforcement and security firms.

According to the manufacturer, The Auto Moto Police Interceptor can reach speeds of 55 mph. Its canopied design allows for roof mounted emergency lights. At a height of 5.8 feet, the roof lights are elevated above the heads of pedestrians and most standard vehicles, the company notes. “This design makes the vehicle easy to locate from a distance and also offers exceptional visibility, perfect for city streets, parking lots, and venues with high pedestrian traffic,” it says in a press release.

The Auto Moto Police Interceptor comes equipped with two forward-facing LED flashers, two rear-facing LED flashers, and an “intensely bright” roof-mounted LED light bar that contains 600 LEDs and is capable of three flash patterns. It also has a siren with a PA system. The vehicle’s large surface area can serve as a canvas for custom emblems and decals. The Auto Moto Corp. says a patented three-wheel tilting design “facilitates high maneuverability, while maintaining a level of stability not offered in two-wheeled vehicles.”

The vehicle comes stock with two glove compartments and a large trunk.

The Police Interceptor’s fully automatic CVT transmission is coupled with a GY6 engine that achieves a claimed 83 mpg. The Auto Moto has a limited slip differential, which provides continuous power to both rear wheels.

The base price for The Auto Moto is $3,800, and several customization options are available, including a flash light holder, a ticket book holder, a radar, a spotlight, reflectors, a 12-volt outlet and a cup holder.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine