Maker of service-scheduling software offers 30-day free trial to Excel users


MotoAdvisor Inc., a maker of time management software for powersports service departments, is offering a 30-day free trial to dealers currently using Microsoft Excel for service scheduling, or as a tool for measuring technician performance. The promotion lasts through Dec. 3.

To receive the trial of SchedulePower2 (worth $149), a service manager or owner must contact MotoAdvisor to schedule a preview of the software. The dealership is also required to provide the Excel worksheet it's using.

The store will then receive a monthly trial with multiple logins to its secure SchedulePower2 site, with free online remote training and support during the trial, valued by MotoAdvisor at $750.

“The hardest step to implementing any application, even it if makes your job easier, is being organized enough to actually execute it,” Josiah Taulbee, dealer development director for SchedulePower2, says in a press release. “Service departments are traditionally reactive, not proactive, so taking a broken process and fixing it with software still requires some organization.

“MotoAdvisor has found through surveys and our customers' experiences that service departments using Microsoft Excel have a noticeably easier time with SP2 implementation,” Taulbee continues. “In fact, service departments using Excel are able to implement our simple-to-use, well-proven application in less than a week because Excel users have already taken the first step of organizing their workload. They very quickly adapt to the features in SchedulePower2 that make their daily responsibility easier and more productive.”

MotoAdvisor claims trial users will see how SchedulePower2 “helps service improve their profits and productivity by more than 30 percent. This easy-to-use application is a must-have for service departments who have the desire to keep things organized, improve customer service and seek new service business.”

Features of the Web-based program include the Appointment & Time Manager, the CallBank Customer Manager, Automated Appointment Reminders, the TimeMachine Time Ticket Processor and the PerformanceDashboard.

To set up a preview, contact Taulbee directly at 800-988-5169, ext. 3, or by e-mailing

Posted by Arlo Redwine