Manheim Auctions launches 'Auction Essentials' seminars at trade shows


Manheim Specialty Auctions will host “Auction Essentials” seminars at multiple tradeshows this fall, the company has announced.

The first was presented at the National RV Dealers Association’s 2010 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas this week.

“Manheim Specialty Auctions strives to provide as many educational resources as possible for our dealers,” said Karen Braddy, GM, Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “We presented these ‘Auction Essentials’ at a few private workshops in the past, and the feedback from participating specialty dealers was extremely positive. We felt that trade shows would be the next logical place for us to offer this and reach even more dealers who may not be using auctions to their fullest potential.”

As the series’ name implies, each seminar covers several topics spanning key “auction essentials.” They range from auction terminology and the auction landscape to buying and selling methods – including how to tap into, Manheim’s 24/7 online wholesale vehicle marketplace.

“I’d say the ‘Auction Essentials’ seminar is a must-do event for someone who’s never been to an auction, and it’s also a good reminder session for regular attendees to put on their to-do list annually,” says Jay Williams, motorcycle appraiser for Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson, who attended a workshop earlier this year. “Even after years of experience, every time I think I know what a vehicle is worth, I go to an auction and realize I don’t. This type of session is a great way to learn the most recent industry trends and changes.”

The seminars cater to a specific type of dealer audience at each tradeshow. Attendees also will take home an informational packet, an auction handbook and a USB flash drive featuring pertinent presentation materials to reference after the seminar and share with colleagues.

Posted by Holly Wagner