Mark Gardiner’s ‘Bathroom Book’ is flush with motorcycle trivia

Publish Date: 
Nov 8, 2012

Need a gift for your favorite gearhead? Author Mark Gardiner may have you covered.

The Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia is 244 pages of motorcycle factoids, divided into 365 entries — one for every day of the year.

From the news release:

“Have you ever found yourself sitting on the toilet and wondering which production motorcycle was first fitted with electronic fuel injection? Well, on Day 20, you'll read...

“Once again, motorcycles were “behind” cars in terms of adopting this particular technology. Initial attempts to make fuel injectors work on motorcycles were held back by size and weight concerns and by the fact that high performance motorcycle handling is influenced by the rider’s ability to open the throttle and feed in power very smoothly. The first production motorcycle fitted with electronic fuel injection was the 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo. That model was a technological triumph but a commercial failure. As is often the case however, both the CX500 Turbo and its big brother CX650 are now highly collectible.”

The book retails for $12.95 and is available through Gardiner’s website,, or through Amazon. Electronic versions also are available on Kindle or similar devices.