Mark Moses, Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, sees steady growth


Store shot, Indian Motorcycle Charlotte.

Mark Moses, owner of Indian Motorcycle Charlotte in Lowell, N.C., reflects back on 2010.

“My perspective may be very different from many, considering the fact that we just opened my dealership in the fall of ’08, and Indian Motorcycle only started retailing product again in December of ’08.

“We are starting the new year with only the third year of production from our old/young company. I see things are getting easier for us as our brand is starting to get more recognized and taken seriously as a premium cruiser-class motorcycle. Our primary focus is to continue to introduce our product to our potential clients and continue to tell the Indian story. It is so much easier now with a few years of production under our belt and now with more than 30 dealers worldwide. We learned that there is great interest in our product but great questions at the same time. Given the fact that we started our dealership and this brand in the worst economy in 70-plus years, we have nowhere to go but up. A continued focus is gorilla-style marketing and motorcycle placement in high-profile local venues, from bike nights to related events like some of the racing venues around Charlotte. We are brand advocates for Indian, and we live the brand in all that we do. We intend to continue to sharpen our skills and land a few new clients one at a time.

“We saw steady growth in 2010 in all departments. We expect this trend to continue into 2011 and will actually be conservatively adding staff to keep up with our ever-increasing sales.

“If we could replay 2010 again, we would change very little. We intend to maintain the slow and planful pace that has brought us reasonable success and measured growth.”

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