Mark Rodgers 'accsellerates' Dealer Expo

Publish Date: 
May 20, 2014
By Tracy Harris

I HAVE TO TELL YOU: We’re so excited to have Mark Rodgers presenting at the DX National Retail Conference on December 4th. If you already know who he is, you’ll have to agree: This is a phenomenal opportunity for anyone who’s selling or managing your sales teams. 

Mark’s been a ‘best-kept-secret’ with Harley-Davidson dealers for some time now. He’s an award-winning speaker, author and sought-after consultant, and has spent 27 years in the motorcycle business launching dealers to peak performance. 

“If there are more accurate statements coming from anyone other than Mark Rodgers in this industry … I’ve not heard them.” Dan Stern, Principal of House of Thunder Harley-Davidson.

“When Mark Rodgers speaks, you need to listen.” John Ward of Black Wolf Harley-Davidson.

“You give me things to think about when I think I’ve heard it all.” Paul Ray of Gruene Harley-Davidson.

Now, his “weapons grade” information is coming to Dealer Expo 2014 and it will "accsellerate" your skills to dramatically increase sales while reducing costs associated with business acquisition.

“Anyone can tell you to go spend a million on advertising,” Mark says. “We’re going to show you how to significantly improve your business with your most powerful weapon: your people.”

For this action-packed, three-hour sales session, Mark will guide you on a ride that’s sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, but always insightful.  You’ll leave with new found skills and abilities:

  • Create your inimitable marketing place superiority.  
  • Leverage three jaw-dropping ways to engage your customers fast.
  • Present product in ways your competition doesn’t want you to know.
  • Leverage “moments of power” in sales exchanges creating perpetual sales.
  • Wield seven indispensable showroom floor questions you’ve never heard before.
  • Close more business, faster.

Mark is also excited about speaking to the entire powersports industry at such a prestigious national event (He said it!). “Regardless of brand, motorcycle people laugh louder, work harder and are more fun to be around than your average person,” he says. “Selling today can be brutal. You need to build a powerful engine if you want to see the checkered flag, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do at Dealer Expo. And there’s no one better suited than Advanstar and Dealernews to help powersports retailers do just that in today’s competitive environment.”

BONUS!  To make sure you get the most from this unique opportunity, everyone at Mark’s DX14 workshop will also receive a copy of his McGraw-Hill bestselling book, "Accelerate the Sale: Kick-start Your Personal Selling Style to Close More Sales, Faster," as our gift to you.