Market data firm builds database of motorcycle owners

Publish Date: 
May 8, 2013

SPRINGFIELD, Va. – Market data company Relevate says it has created a new database to meet the needs of marketers who would like to reach motorcycle owners.

Motorcycle ID is a 4.5 million-record database that contains ownership information and consumer demographics, with the VIN available on 99 percent of records, according to the company. Motorcycle ID leads are sourced from consumer transactions, and the data is fully compliant with privacy laws, the marketing firm said.

“Many of the automotive retailers and insurers who use our Auto ID automotive data been asking us to provide quality marketing data on motorcycle owners. With the introduction of Motorcycle ID we are able to fulfill their needs,” said Kelly Idol, senior vice president of sales. “These are great leads for companies who provide financing and insurance to motorcycle owners. In addition, these consumers are passionate about their bikes and spend on accessories to enhance the motorcycle’s appearance, comfort and performance, as well as for protective and fashionable clothing.”

Motorcycle ID provides legally sourced marketing data. Leads are available for multichannel marketing including postal, phone, email and online ad targeting. The data may also be used for modeling and analytics. All channel information is verified and guaranteed, according to the company.

Posted by Holly Wagner