Maryland blue law lifted for Anne Arundel County

Publish Date: 
May 12, 2010

Dealers in Anne Arundel County, Md., have shaken off the state’s blue law and will be allowed to sell motorcycles on Sundays.

The law still holds in other parts of the state, but some counties are exempt for competitive reasons, because they are along state lines where there is no blue law on the other side.

Gov. Martin O"Malley signed House Bill 393 last week, to take effect June 1. The bill, sponsored by the county House delegation and motorcycling Sen. John Astle, was approved unanimously in both chambers, according to the Baltimore Sun.

"It means a lot for our business. In the past, we had to turn away business and ask people to come back on Monday. It made it hard for the customer,” Anne Arundel dealer Bill Phillips, GM of Harley-Davidson of Annapolis, said in a legislator’s press release. "Our motorcycles are a passion, a hobby, and a lot of fun. So being able to sell on Sundays now allows us to help people ride away on their dream any day of the week. We have always been open on Sundays, anyway. But now, we get to not only sell clothing and accessories, we get to sell Harley-Davidsons."

Other counties where Sunday sales are allowed are Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Wicomico and Worcester counties.

Posted by Holly Wagner