Massachusetts 'Right to Repair' referendum passes

Publish Date: 
Nov 8, 2012

BOSTON, Mass. - Massachusetts voters have passed the Right to Repair Act, a law that will require vehicle manufacturers to provide independent shops with factory repair and diagnostic information.

Passage of the act will force legislators to reconcile the ballot measure with a compromise bill passed in July and signed into law Aug. 7. Powersports shops had been excluded from the compromise bill, but may be part of the final legislation.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, an original member of the Right to Repair Coalition, came out for the ballot measure late last month.

Voters approved the Right to Repair referendum by an 85 percent to 15 percent margin. 

Some of the differences the Legislature will have to sort out include a provision in the compromise that gave auto manufacturers until model year 2018, instead of the ballot question’s 2015, to comply with standardized diagnostic tool requirements.

EIther way, Massachusetts is the first state to enact a Right to Repair law, although many states have discussed them.

Posted by Holly Wagner