Matco ADV impact sockets are high-performance tools


Matco Tools’ new line of ADV impact sockets offer higher performance, power and more features than other comparable tools currently on the market, the company says.

"This new line will help technicians work faster, make their jobs easier and will deliver the superior quality, durability and consistent performance that Matco tool users have come to expect," says VP of marketing John Green.

Features include:

An Opti-Torque system that applies torque to the fastener sides, which offers more power and cuts the risk of rounding corners
A high-visibility laser and impression stamped markings, for poorly lit work areas
A parallel, nose-down design that lets technicians reach into tight corners
A 150-degree chamfer on the socket end, which increases contact area between the socket and the fastener to improve grab and reduce the likelihood of rounding fastener corners

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