Mattrax expands into TUV, snowboard applications

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2007
By Guido Ebert

Mattracks Inc., the Minnesota-based producer of the LiteFoot brand of ATV track system, appeared at the show with two new products unique to the company's portfolio: a side-by-side called the Gladiator TUV (tracked utility vehicle), and a motorized snowboard dubbed the Black Diamond Powerboard.

Offered as a dedicated four-track-drive vehicle, the Gladiator is packed with unique features, including the exoskeleton frame, "walking beam" suspension, and a drive train and track system attached to a four-point power steering system.

Mattracks' Del Wright says the 800cc fuel-injected Gladiator will retail for less than $10,000, "priced really competitively, right between price points of existing side-by-sides on the market today."

Wright notes that the Gladiator represents the first of what may become a line of side-by-side vehicles from the company. He says diesel and even an electric-powered unit also are in the planning stages.

Snowboard. The Black Diamond Powerboard is a stand-on, handle-operated, engine-and-track-propelled snow machine an operator uses much like a snowboard.

In development for more than eight years, the Black Diamond Powerboard is powered by a midmounted 160cc four-stroke engine capable of propelling a rider to 25mph. The unit traverses deep powder and large moguls but is best in regions without big hills or mountains, says Wright. He adds that he expects the Powerboard to retail for about $1,300.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Mattracks offers 35 products in the automotive, utility and ATV markets. The company serves about 1,500 powersports dealers. Plans call for the Gladiator and Powerboard to be built in China. The Powerboard is scheduled to be available in August, and the Gladiator is slated for availability in 2008.