MaximTrak rolls out new F&I system


DMS provider MaximTrak Technologieshas launched e-TRAK, a new digital platform for providers and administrators.

e-TRAK supplies F&I product providers with a turnkey solution for e-rating, e-contracting, e-signature and e-registration through the MaximTrak F&I Menu platform.

The company claims the platform reduces errors in contracting; increases productivity and sales penetrations; and enhances the quality of time consumers spend in the F&I office. The company claims that in sixth months of field operations it processed tens of thousands of contracts.

"We are excited about the newly enhanced e-TRAK digital platform that streamlines the sales and administration process both at the dealership level but also at the administrative and insurer levels as well," said Jim Maxim Jr., president of MaximTrak Technologies. "e-TRAK enables real-time business transactions at the consumer point of sale and gives providers and administrators the necessary tools to streamline their business, reduce paper transactions and administrative costs, accelerate cash flows and bring to life what the industry has been talking and dreaming about for the past five years."

The new platform enables communication between the provider and the dealership F&I office in real time. e-TRAK enables complete electronic contracting, and eliminates the need for the dealership user to access multiple applications or re-enter critical deal data to complete the transaction.

MaximTrak reportedly handles thousands of electronic transactions per day. The company anticipates a rapid increase in volume due to the new platform.

"Our strategy is to open up our network to other providers and enable connectivity to all parties,” Maxim said. “We have a collaborative approach and our new platform not only offers product integration to MaximTrak directly but also through industry partnerships such as F&I Admin Solutions (FIAS) and the Provider Exchange Network (PEN), which is part of Open Dealer Exchange (ODE). We are expanding the range of companies we deal with in order to service our clients even better."

Dealerships can get no-cost price quotes by contacting MaximTrak at 800-282-6304.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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